Live for Today

Live for today, live like it’s the best day EVER ! It’s cliché to say this, but to really live by these words is a treasure that most will never find. Yet, our dogs have the ability to do just this every single day.
Go outside, play fetch with your faithful furry companion. He is so excited, happy, exuberant just to be in that exact moment that I bet if you look in his eyes and allow yourself to really feel his energy, you too will feel his excitement.

Living life has a different meaning for each individual on earth. Yet, one constant common denominator that is echoed today is the saying “live in the moment”.
When is the last time you went for a walk in the woods, smelled the aroma of the damp forest grounds. Have taken time to listen for the sound of birds chirping, see the eagles gracefully diving from tree tops to snatch a fish out of water?  Notice deer lurking in the forest, or the squirrels that race up and down the trees.  They are all there, all the time.  First, you have to look up, you have to unplug, not just from the technology devices we all carry in our hands, but truly disconnect from our thoughts that cloud our vision and mind that will not allow us to wholesomely feel, hear, smell and see what is right in front of us.

A dog’s senses are so attuned to what is right now, right in front of them. They don’t get worn down about what happened yesterday, worry with trepidation about tomorrow’s tasks, stress about what they just said or did, or how someone felt. They only know and care for the exact moment……and feeding time if your dogs are like mine! But, you get the point, stop with the convoluted nonsense that takes away precious time, and be present!

Cancer: I hate this word, more than any “thing” on earth. Cancer changed my life, took my Mother, my step-father, friends, human and furry friends. The “C” word has no mercy, doesn’t care what your life plans are, how rich or poor you are, it leaves lasting marks of heart ache long after it’s taken a soul away from loved ones. To say I fucking hate “C” with my entire being is an understatement to say the least. Yet, I will continue to fight and live each day as if it were my last, just to make sure I don’t leave this earth wishing I had done things differently. I lay down to sleep each day knowing I did my best to be better than yesterday, I tell the ones I love, that I love them, and truly mean it in every word. I aim to be kinder to myself, to my loved ones, my pets and those I meet day to day. It all comes back to being in the moment and present in that exact moment.
This week I have shouldered heart wrenching bad news. An uncle with “C”. A sudden onset that he is given one to five weeks. Two friends in agony over the knowledge that their best buddies, their faithful dogs will soon succumb to “C”, and another two friends who’s dogs are nearing their journey due to old age. All this makes me so terribly sad and angry and cry asking God “WHY WHY WHY?” Suddenly, I remember,” go outside and grab a tennis ball and play with my dogs.” Laugh with them as they bark for more, find solace in the fact I may never know the answer, nor can I do anything but be the friend to my family and friends that they are to me and let them know I love the with my whole heart. Remind myself to find the moment and find that joy of truly feeling that moment without worry about the “what if’s”.

In talking with friends about our dogs and their health, we all agree that the dog doesn’t know what the Vet says, doesn’t know what the “C” word is. Of course our dogs feel our stress, react according to our emotions and scents we put off thru our stress. And perhaps they may not feel quite as chipper that they use to. Yet, they don’t know what a short life they actually have compared to ours. To them, we are their entire world. All they care about is the moment, how much fun they are having and the bond they share with you in that moment…….and when they get fed again…….

The point here is, go enjoy that moment, that memory, that laugh, the excitement of pure joy. Smell the fresh air, the smell of rain, the smell of a wet dog, see the slobber being spat at you as they bark with excitement to play more and more.  Cherish their warmth as they cuddle up at the days end, just to feel you close. Tell your friend you love them, you are there and care, be present in your actions as it does matter right now!  Why complicate life by all the worries that we can’t control in the first place. Play that game of fetch that will have you belly laughing and have hand full of slobber from your dogs’ excitement. To a dog, this day IS the best day EVER. Make it your best day EVER too!


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