Zest to live life

As the years pass, new memories are made, a life spent creating what I envision life should be, a date on the calendar can bring me right back to the flood of emotions and memories once had.  This date for me is May 11, 1998. 

This is the date that I lost my best friend, the first person close to me other than a grandparent to be taken from this earth far too soon.  This date has had a profound effect on the person I have grown to be and aspire to still be.

When you meet someone in life you never know what that person truly means until they are gone.  You never fully grasp what profound effect and life challenges and lessons are to be taught, until you have time to absorb all that is meant to take in, and welcome it to seep in.

It took time for me to realize that all Bob would have wanted for all of us, is to live life to the fullest, have fun and not be sad about anything.   His zest for life was apparent in his life, yet moving on past Bob not being in life was one of the toughest journey’s I have ever encountered.

 Bob and I had dated for a few years, created a ton of memories, friends shared and adventures made.  Even after we stopped dating, we remained best of friends.  Still rode dirt bikes, went shooting, scuba diving,  hotrods, dogs, Family BBQ’s. Shared beers over girlfriend issues…..  Bob was my best friend no matter what.  He had a charisma about him that is rare, that is so unique and infectious.  Bob was a beautiful person, inside and out.  thumbnail_20170511_085633

 Bob’s larger than life personality lit every room he walked into.  Bob made time in each day to brighten someone’s life, even if just stopping by to say hello.  He was always thinking of someone else and how to make them smile or help them out.

What stands out the most about Bob was his zest to live life the fullest each and every day without regret.  That was Bob to the max…. he had fun, he made the best of everyday.  Was always happy to greet the day.  

Bob’s family was his world and best friends. Through Bob, I have been blessed to be welcomed into the  Horn family, from “pops” Bob Sr., his mom Vicky, brother, Justin. Nieces,  Taylor and Jordon, Grandma Betty, aunts and uncles, and others.  This family has a special place in my heart  and I am grateful for their continued friendship and relationships.

On this day I know we mourn the person no longer here to share life’s moments. Yet, we will always laugh and smile of all the hilarious memories we all shared and remember.  Those times are what remind us that every life is precious and special no matter their significance.  In remembering Bob, I am always reminded to not sweat the small stuff and just live life for today !



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